Resurrection Outreach Ministries

Where Everybody Is Somebody and

The Holy Spirit is The Author of The Service

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Resurrection Outreach Ministries Where everybody Is Somebody And The Holy Spirit Is The Author Of The Service

Resurrection Outreach Ministries

About Us


 Senior Pastor Louis Brody

Pastor Louis Brody brings to the ministry a proven testimony of God's ability to heal. He has been delivered and set free  from over twenty years of drug addiction and several episodes of homelessness. Called into the Gospel ministry, Pastor Louis Brody possesses first hand knowledge of the healing power of God. He also is compassionate & empathetic towards those who are yet in the bonds of drug addiction and other strongholds.

Pastor L. Brody was called and licensed into the ministry in 1997 at True Faith Fellowship Church under the Pastorate of Dr. Charles O. McDowell. His responsibilities included Assistant Pastor, Sunday School Sup., Youth Minister, Puppet Ministry Founder, Men's Leader, Choir Director and Community Outreach Organizer.

In May 2001 Pastor Brody founded Resurrection Outreach Ministries Inc with seven (7) members. Under Pastor Brody's Leadership the ministry has grown tremendously since it's inception.

Pastor Modestine Brody

Pastor Mosdestine Williams Brody is the co- Pastor of Resurrection Outreach Ministries along with her husband, Pastor L. Brody. She was ordained in August of 1990 by Bishop Dr. Charles O. McDowell at True Faith Fellowship Church Inc. in Florence, SC, where she served as Assistant Pastor with her husband and also as the Minister of Music. She was affirmed into the Prophetic Ministry on April 3,2005 by Bishop Rodney D. James of Covenant Life Ministries International of Baltimore , MD.

She is also a certified member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors. Prophet Brody offers workshops on '' temperament '' assessment called '' I See Real People''.

Other Writings by Prophet Brody includes her books, Bring Forth Featuring-How to get a Husband and When A Prophet Cries.

Resurrection Outreach Ministries

Resurrection Outreach Ministries was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the heart of Pastor Louis Brody in March of 2001. After the Spirit of God was implanting the seed of the ministry and it's name in Pastor Louis Brody, the Lord began dealing with Prophet Modestine Brody about the valley of the dry bones and showing her the slain that needed to be resurrected by his prophetic word. The Manifestation of the ministry came forth on Mother's Day May 14th, 2001. The ministry held it's initial service in the club house of Southern Pines Mobile Home Park with seven members and the pastors. The ministry remained in the clubhouse for approximately three months until God led us to the next location at 503 Pamplico Highway.There the Lord began to shape the ministry by sending the work he wanted to be performed.Resurrection began it's first community service work by responding to the need for a Youth Mentor Program.Over 50 teenagers attended weekly during the course of the program.

As the work the Lord provided increased, our need for a larger building grew. After eight months at this location, the Lord provided the next building which was at 200 South Coit Street. The ministry would remain at Coit Street for the next two years while God continued to shape it and add to the church as He saw fit. No one had a clue as to what God was going to do next. He allowed us to exercise our faith as He led us to the property at 1809 N. Douglas Street. We had an opportunity to see the power of God at work as he enabled the ministry to purchase this property against all odds. Yes, even as God brought Israel across the Jordan on dry land, He brought Resurrection to their Promised Land!

Shortly after moving to the Douglas Street Location, Resurrection Outreach Ministries entered a partnership with Pee Dee Mental Health in providing them with a location for their Crisis Shelter. During this time, the ministry was nominated by the State of South Carolina as the Outstanding Volunteer Organization of the Pee Dee. Since that time the ministry has continued to serve the community as a shelter for the homeless. Resurrection gave birth to it's first offspring when Resurrection Restoration Center for the Homeless was Incorporated.Resurrection's most favorable scripture is '' Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." The ministry continues it's calling from God by endeavoring to be " Life-Givers." We are indeed a Church on the move" as we are led by the powerfully awesome Spirit of God into His Wisdom and Purpose!

Our mission is to spread the hope and life that comes from our belief that Jesus Christ is our Resurrected Savior who always causes us to triumph. Resurrection Outreach Ministries is committed to spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through non-traditional means. Our main mission is to be life-givers by exalting Jesus Christ and showing forth His love, hope, and power to transform lives.